Logo de Modus Operandi, consultante en relation publique et politique en région Parisienne (France) et Bruxelles (Belgique)
Modus Operandi spécialiste en relations publics et politiques à Paris (France) et Bruxelles (Belgique)

Public & Private sector consulting

Develop your potential

Created in 2023, MODUS OPERANDI offers its expertise in Brussels and Paris, but also by e-consultation, to the actors who think and shape the society of tomorrow.

Elected officials, local authorities, NGOs, companies: MODUS OPERANDI helps you in setting your strategy to defend your interests at different levels :

  • Increase and control your visibility : brand building, product/idea launch, press relations management, communication strategy implementation
  • Develop your influence : implementation of political, economic and associative lobbying strategies, drafting of thematic analyses
  • Bringing your projects to fruition : project management, team training


A collaboration with MODUS OPERANDI is the perfect crossroads between the human relationship and the culture of the result. I put my passion, my creativity, my experience, my knowledge and my contacts at the service of YOUR realization.
Your questions, my solutions :


Meet and inspire public decision-makers with your ideas and innovations, and defend your interests towards them. Build bridges between the economic world, associations and public authorities.

Online data collection and analysis

Large-scale analysis of data on social networks with a report analyzing the results on one or more specific issues. Surveys carried out using My_knowledge artificial intelligence.


Press relations, writing content for print and digital communication, crisis communication management, social media content.


Organization of thematic events, business meetings, networking


Coaching of your teams on specific legislation to empower you on public affairs


Briefing notes, advocacy

The fundamental pillars of MODUS OPERANDI






Consultant en relations publiques et politiques sur Bruxelles et Paris

Influence is a magical world where bridges are built between sectors which don't always talk to each other. Dialogue often allows to start or improve projects, a reputation or a legislation. A well conducted negotiation can put some glitters on your files. NO MORE HESITATION !

Who am I ?

My name is Laëtitia REDONET, I have two Master 2 degrees in political science - public administration and politics, obtained at ISMaPP (Paris) and at La Sorbonne (Paris 1 University). I am currently finishing an MBA at the Vlerick School (Ghent, Belgium). I am responsible for the company MODUS OPERANDI.

I am passionate about politics. I always believed that one of the fundamental goals in life is to have an impact on the world, to make tomorrow better than yesterday. After an experience at the Paris City House and at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is at the French Parliament that I could really develop my skills as a parliamentary collaborator, but also as a political advisor.

With this 10 years of experience, I now decide to turn to entrepreneurship by offering my skills and a firm but benevolent support to defend the interests of my clients.

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